The Factors You Need Attend When Installing The Component Speakers

Car speaker system was old, or too basic and you want to upgrade it with the best component speakers, but you do not yet know how to install them on the car so that reasonable. The component speakers include three main parts, which are the tweeters, the woofers and the crossovers. They are to serve for navigating reasonably sound and best possible.

The installed audio system in the car with the component is not too difficult. It is important that you need to determine where to install some speakers and choose the appropriate hardware for your setup.

Through learning about some regular location to use for installing the speakers in the car, we also refer to installations for component speakers hoped that it will give you the support of the installation and upgrade its sound system.

  1. Prepare The Tools

Before embarking on the job, you cannot lack the tools to serve for the installation of speakers. Here are some of the tools you need are available for the fastest possible installation. Also when you use them that will help the speaker after the installation becomes more solid and beautiful in your car.

  • Jig saw: a small saw to support the creation of the space on the box to your car can create for speaker placement, and help them in a neat wisdom to affect too the driver and passengers.
  • Phillips Screwdriver, flat blade screwdriver: Do not lacking both the 2 types of screwdriver.
  • Utility knife, soldering iron, wire cutters, wire stripper.
  • Torx drivers + bits, Allen wrenches, tool panel, retaining clip remover, files.
  • Electrical tape, socket, electric drill and bits, heat gun, heat shrink tubing, shop rag, wire ties.
  1. Selection Of Suitable Locations

Apparently, choose a suitable location for the speakers is an important work in the installation. If you ever refer to some other sources of information to make sure it contains the information on this choice. In fact, even if you install any speaker system, then the sellers will advise and show you a few basic places: such as car door, or in front of the driver cabin. Whether it is the location, you also need to pay attention to the following point installation location options most appropriate speakers.

  • Type Of Speaker:

Why pay attention to the speaker? It is because each speaker will have quite different characteristics of different sounds, and you need to put in place appropriate it for your new the best audio experience.

These speakers have high sound, will often be placed above, it serves the purpose of creating 4D sound effects in a car. This really makes the listener interested.

With bass speakers as the woofer, you should find a lower position the tweeter, it will help you get the most standard audio, and when combined with the sound quality tweeter becomes richer.

The tweeter is choosing placements like roof, the upper roof, rear seat positions … the woofer is often installed in locations such as car seats, car door. It seems that the position for tweeter usually more diversified for the woofer.


The Elements Of The Component Speaker For Car

Car is one of the personal vehicles or transportation equipment had plenty of support. Most of the motorists, the environment comfortable enough in the car needed, it would be really good for them to drive safely and spirit becomes more optimistic. Surely you’ve heard of the component speakers system. Yes, today we want to talk about an indispensable device in every car that’s sound system which helps to improve the environment inside the car, especially meaningful for music lovers.

Why is not a different sound system? Perhaps the larger sound system with more voluminous sound for serious music lovers and they want to decorate a vehicle for music crisis, which we will not mention here. The component speaker audio system is standard enough to bring clear sound and professional and suitable for all genres of music and interests in the music.

The speaker is the speaker components are composed of 4 main elements: the woofer, tweeter the, the crossover systems, the hardware. If missing one of four components, your speakers will not be brought to the high-quality audio and crisp. The component speaker is characterized by separate. So let’s learn more about the 4 elements through this article.

  1. The Woofer

The woofer is a speaker in the speaker components. It brought to the bass, and be appreciated for accuracy of sound. Most of us have seen that when choosing speakers bring the great sound, buyers often search for bass loudspeaker with the bass.

The woofer has the largest size of the component speaker parts. People often install them below, or equal to a knee as the location of the car door.

  1. The Tweeter

The tweeter is a small speaker in the speaker system of the component. It is compact and brings a high sound. It is usually installed above or placed directly in front of the driver as 2 side front corner.

The combination of high sound, and the sound of the tweeter and woofer bass sound brought balance to the listener. At the same time you insert a separate sound system will help you to feel the rhythm of music more vivid. It is not hard to hear how the sound moves from speaker to speaker quite. This is really interesting.


All Things You Need To Consider When Buying Car Speakers

Car speakers are the ideal equipment for every car. According to proves indicated from the surveys, driving car causes a lot of stresses because the drivers have to deal with traffic jams and bad traffic participants who often bypass the car indiscriminately. Therefore, equipping a pair of speakers is reasonable. Nowadays, a number of drivers look forward to buying the best 6.5 inch car speakers for the small space in the car.

As this is a kind of technical product, you had better get to know more about it before buying. In this article, we will provide you with all the things useful for choosing and purchasing the car speakers.

Car Speaker Anatomy

Frankly, not many car owners learn about the structure of the car speaker and they still choose to buy good product on the grounds that they come to the official store of the famous brands to buy the latest model of the speakers.

However, if you want to understand about the kind of speakers which are of the best appropriation for your car, you ought to identify all the parts of the speakers. This is quite complicated but in this part, we are trying to bring to you the simplest analysis to understand as bellows.

  • Magnet Assembly

All the speakers and headphones have the magnet assembly so that it can help to gain the curved wave – front coherent and for loading. The magnet assembly is in the end of the car speaker structure.

  • Patented Phase Plug

The part that connects the magnet assembly is the patented phase plug which is designed to enhance the modal suppression for the sound that is going to be released.

  • Deep – Dawn Diaphragm

The deep – dawn diaphragm is made of titanium and its duty is to increase the stiffness of the sound. It means that thanks to this part, the sound will show its right tone with enough stiffness.

  • Sound Castle Clamp

The deep – dawn diaphragm can also help to form the sound castle clamp which helps to reduce the sound distortion. This part is running around the deep – dawn diaphragm.

  • Acoustic Foam

The first part of car speaker we can see is the acoustic foam. With this foam, the internal reflection will be reduced. Of course, the foam only reduces the unwanted reflection.

These are the main parts of a car speaker. It is not simple to understand about these parts on the grounds that they are related to the sound characteristics, which require the car drivers to have some basic knowledge about music sound. However, I believe that with the simple analysis above, you can make sense of the structure of a car speaker.


How To Choose The Car Speaker

The car speaker is an indispensable part of the car. However many people have hobby with the sound and even the car speaker. The car speakers is available on the cars sometimes do not suffice to meet the specific requirements of users, or present your vehicle does not have a speaker, so what are we waiting, you should refer to the information to fitted to a vehicle the best possible car speaker.

The car speaker has a variety to choose from, but sometimes you will easily make mistakes if unfamiliar with the product information as well as your own needs. Sometimes just the exact steps and choices most basic will give you a perfect speaker.

If you are intending to refer to choice, please pay attention to choose carefully and do not skip this article, you will get more useful information for choosing the car speaker. It really is not difficult if you do the right processes required below.

  1. Your Demand For The New Car Speaker

Demand is an important factor deciding to make a correct choice and is suitable for a speaker. If you replace or upgrade its speakers because a friend recommends it or do you see other people do, you do it really is wasted and your job is really unhelpful.

You need to make sure that you have a real need for a new set of speakers completely disabled, which will meet your requirements and help you have a comfortable space in your car. So what are your needs? And remember that a speaker is not cheap.

  • You Want To Decorate The Car:

Many people have preferences as to their wish to create a stylish vehicle like a car that you have passion, then perhaps this is well worth the investment because you base personal preference. Most speakers for costly decorations, in addition it also sounds quite quality, with many different types of speakers and very reasonably sorted out your car, and it forms the highlight for the car.

  • You Want To Listen To Music With Lots Of Bass:

Most people who have the intention to replace the car speakers that are not damaged, it is often a reason for preference for bass. The sounds and melodies are often more vivid when you listen to a lot of bass. It is the preference of many young people today, the music market also have the pop music and electronic music, which is becoming mainstream music most prevalent now.


The Factors You Need To Pay Attention To Choose The Bass Car Speaker

On the car, the manufacturers all design the car speaker, but many people don’t like that car speaker, so they upgrade the devices of the sound system. The car speaker is an important device of the sound system. And if you want to change the speaker so you need to improve knowledge and experience in the choice.

So what the bass car speaker can you choose? With the car has an available car speaker, you can see there is a playing CD part. If you add a bass car speaker, you would have the pleasure sound system. It is sure that it could improve the sound in the car.

This article would mention the effective investment and need a little of the experience of the choice for you to be easy to upgrade the sound system. Of course, with the super fashion car has a super sound system that a few people don’t want to improve or change that system.

  1. The Type Of The Car

  • The sedan of car speaker: just like the Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3-series, Toyota Camry…this car line has the trunk that is separate with the cockpit, which lead to the bass car speaker is strong enough for the sound to be able to be heard on the top of the car. With the car has a good sound, the car speaker is more strong.

  • The SUV or the MPV: such as the Isuzu Highlander,Chevrolet Captiva,Ford Everest… with this car line the car speaker is set up in the passenger compartment, however there is a disadvantage being this car is over taken space for the seat.
  • The small car: Toyota Yaris, DeawooMatiz, Hyundai Getz, Kia Morning… this car line is the same place of the car speaker of MPV and SUV.
  1. The Types Of The Car Speaker

On the market there are three types of car speaker:

  • The Air Car Speaker:

This speaker is set up with the wood box and it needs the private ampli. The speaker has 2 popular size of the 10 inch and 12 inch. The wood box is designed according to requiring from the customer and the manufacturer and characteristics of the car.


The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Car Speaker You Should Know

Perhaps we hear about the speaker many times, but the car speaker that there aren’t many people caring. Just the drivers, they care about this speaker and understand its importance. However you need review according to two side of the problem. The car speaker is a useful device that the manufacturers make for the private demand.

The car speaker is designed with full the part of the other speakers such as input, output and the adjusting sound system. Usually, the car speaker is cared about the sharp and quality by the manufacturers. The part of speaker is designed cleverly and beautifully.

With many people the car speaker is a device that is indispensable. Maybe they can use the headphone, but they should use the speaker. So we will show advantages and disadvantages of the car speaker for you to be easy to give a right decision for your car.

  1. The Advantage Of The Car Speaker

The product is produced which all has a reason. The headphone is produced for you are able to listen to music any places and the smartphone is produced for us to use with more usefulness such as making a phone,  reading books on your phone, listening to music, accessing the internet or checking mail…it seems a small laptop that you can pocket and use.

So the car speaker does too. It brings us any advantages that you will want to set a car speaker immediately.

  • Decorating Your Car

There are many sharp of the car speaker that many people care. The car speaker helps you decorating your car. Your car becomes more opulent and is worthier. The sharp and color of the speaker is just a reason why your car is beautiful.

The matching color ways shows the fine of the owners. The color of the car speaker and the color of the car should be combined carefully. The color tone should be suitable to the car style and your hobby. If you combine wrongly it will make your car becoming uglier. The best ways when you set a car speaker you should refer many people for making a right choice.

Moreover, you need pay attention to the sharp of car speaker that relates to the space on your car and the style of the car. If you want to the sport car so you would choose the car speaker that has private sharp, which the driver put a car speaker on the car door. Or if you like a simple speaker you use the speaker that set like the other car, on car bar.

Thanking to the car speaker the cars will have more ways for decoration.

  • Relaxing In Your Car

The great advantage from the car speakers, you just are able to relaxing in your car. Driving car is really stressful, you must care on the street with other people and the other vehicle, which you have to drive carefully not to cause any accidents for you and the others.

After the stressful works, you walk on the car and open to play music that can make you smooth and more comfortable. That is a way of relaxing before coming back home with your family members. The emotion controls our feeling and sentiment, so when you feel comfort you must bring happy to you and others, and opposite, you are tired and stressful, you become furious and irritated that make you children and wife boring.

The car speaker improves the romantic and free feeling on the car when you and others have traveling. The atmosphere in the car is becoming great with the good sound form the car speaker.


The Factors For Us To See The Development Of The Music Industry

Maybe the music was appeared since the people appear. We all know that the music is like the means to preserve the people history for posterity. When people didn’t have letters they use the sound, the song, the lyric for describing their life and the folk stories of the ancestors. We are able to see that the music in the other countries they have the same characteristics about the development: from the simple music to the complicated music.

The first, the music was just the simple lyric and impromptu melody, it is very simple and almost not has the tone and the rhythm.  Nowadays, the music is more abundant and diversified. It has many kinds of the music on the market. Moreover, they have many musical instruments and you can listen to music at anywhere you want.

Perhaps, it is really great. Our life becomes more interesting, romantic and smoother. Mentioning to the music we aren’t able to ignore the factors that show the musical industry development.

  1. The Development Of The Musical Instrument

The musical instrument is abundant. Through the developing period the musical instrument didn’t stop to change and be more fashion, updating. The musical instrument stops to develop more plentiful and helps our music more complicate and creative.

  • The Folk Musical Instrument:

When the music was born, the people used the objects from the nature to make the musical instrument such as stones, leaves, many areas people used the tree body such as the bamboo body for the sound that has smooth melody… It is a great thing.

Moreover when the people were living in the case, they used to hunt the animals and take advantage of the body part of animals for the thing they need, in there people used to the animal horn like the music instrument that was very important, besides the music the animal horn was used in their life like the tool for informing about the meeting or the dangers to others.

Afterwards, when the peoples’ life was more developing they have more metal, they used the gongs and used the wood for making the drum that is still existing to now.

  • The Modern Musical Instrument

Maybe when we talk to the modern musical instrument we are able to think about the hundreds of music instrument. Since the industries developed and the music became more professional which the folk music also has many change, the people need more changing musical instrument.

The first period of the musical development, they often use the tools such as: saxophone, organ, violin, harmonica… they are really the closing instruments to everyone. If you were a cowboy you still showed everyone listen to your sound from the harmonica. You can allow yourself like the musical artist. However in this period, the music began having the musical class with the more complicated instruments.

Nowadays we don’t lack of the instrument. And it is easy to learn any instrument because there are many parents want their children to grow up with multi – capability in their life. Guitar, piano, violin… is the most popular instrument.

Moreover, the musical industry develops lead to the development of the electron music. This is a completely new music type. The sound is made from the machine that saved the melody in it. That leads to the development the DJ.

The music liking of the listener become abundant, the music industry increases in several closing years. The music education also develops according to that industry and brings the music economy.


The Popular Device For You To Listen To Music

We often have a habit of listening to music anytime. The music helps our life becoming more colorful and romantic. When you are boring you want to listen to boring songs that can makes you feel sympathize.  When you are happy, the music helps you to improve your emotion.

The music is just the catalyst of our life. Sometimes, in the simple case but if you use the music it will make the atmosphere to become more romantic, especially when declaring your love to somebody or in the date, the family meeting. Nowadays, the music is also the great medicine for many diseases, such as nervous disease, to treat the psychological…

Moreover, the music is also the effective method for people to reduce the stress and work more effectively. With the newborns, they are listened to music to become smarter and develop their brain the perfect way.

However, to have the high quality sound from music, you cannot lack of the supporting devices. The headphone, theAmpli, the speakers and the good discs… Do they really help you have perfect sound in the music? Yes! So you can read this article.

  1. The Headphone

The headphone is a useful device that helps you listen to music anywhere. The students are people who often use the headphone, you aren’t difficult to see the image of wearing the headphone on the street or in the school, on the bus…maybe it is a reason why the young people don’t care other work accept their own works.

The headphone is designed particularly. There are three types of the headphone such as: in-ear headphone, the on-ear headphone and the full-size headphone. Every type brings different advantages and disadvantages. You depend on your using purpose to choose one.

  • The in-ear headphone: It is small and you are able to be easy to pocket them. This is a type of the headphone being used by many students. They are user-friendly to bring according to the school, on bus. Moreover their price is appropriate to the students. They are completely able to save to buy unit with their allowance. They don’t require particularly about the quality sound. They just need to satisfy their hobby.
  • The on-ear headphone: This headphone type you also see that they are used by the students. It isn’t too big, but it also helps you not to be hurt your ears when you using the headphone continuously. The sound quality is quite good that permits you to listen to music greater than the in-ear headphone. It is able to fold neatly for you to put it in your bag. The price isn’t too high so the students can buy if you want to the better sound of music.